Weaving Bespoke Handmade Lamps

The weaving is the last step in the Looma creative process. This is where the magic happens!

It all began when we started to learn to weave ‘palma’, the traditional palm-weaving techniques of Portugal and Spain. We made some wall lampshades and noticed how beautiful the light looked as it filtered through. We then started experimenting with other materials and fell in love with the glow of light created when filtered through wool, something that became even more intense when the colours were achieved naturally.

By that point we were hooked on the possibilities. This is when we started learning all about wool, the different properties of fibre from different Portuguese sheep breeds, and how to process the fleeces. At the same time, we embarked on an intense natural-dyeing learning curve – and worked our way through a myriad of disasters, and a handful of miracles!

It has been a long road, and a beautiful journey. Our Looma lamps have evolved over time, and we are proud of every single one – woven with soul, deeply entrenched in Portugal.