Wool is our passion. We love the feel of the ‘lã em bruto’ - the earthy lanolin smell of the raw, unadulterated fleece… straight from the sheep. 

It’s divine, and it makes us feel connected with the work we do. The same smell and feel that our ancestors experienced thousands of years ago.

It is the most extraordinary material and lends itself beautifully to natural dyeing and the creation of lamps. It is a robust, long-lasting material, and it is naturally flame-retardant and repels dust. It really is amazing, like so many things in nature. And it is straight from nature – no polluting manufacturing process, no negative impact on the planet.

We love working with a material that is a natural by-product, and it feels good to be using a material that in recent years has been hugely devalued due to mass production and the love of the cheap and synthetic.

Brave New World

Could it be that people are opening up to the possibility of returning to a more natural way of living? Could it be that people are finally realising that nature gives us all we need, and we need to cut out mass production in favour of high quality, long-lasting, low environmental-impact and natural?

At Looma, we cherish natural materials.

Our wool comes from trusted local suppliers, sometimes straight from the farmer. We process and spin by hand using traditional techniques. By spinning our own wool, we can incorporate texture and interesting colour variations within the wool. This gives the resulting yarn the additional character that machine-spun wool cannot match.

We gather our plants and roots, either through foraging around the surrounding countryside, or by growing dye plants from seed in the Looma garden. We extract the beautiful hues and add them to the wool by hand.

Once we have the palette, the conceptualisation of the design can begin. The weaving process is the final step of a long journey.

Each one is a hand-crafted work of art. 

Beautifully simple. Straight from nature. Brimming with history.