Caring for your Looma Lamp

Each unique Looma lamp is made from pure wool, which is both flame-retardant and anti-static.

However, for your safety, please only use energy efficient light-bulbs to illuminate your lamps.

Caring Instructions

1. Never wash your Looma lamps - if they attract any dust, just dust lightly with a brush/cloth or use a hoover on the lowest setting.

2. If you need to put your lamp into storage for a while, please insert into a bag you can seal. Wool is gourmet food for moths (!) and this is the only way to keep moth infestations at bay. Cedar wood is a natural moth repellent, so we include a block of cedar wood in with every lamp. Please keep it hanging next to the the wool as a precaution.

3. Please keep your Looma lamp away from direct sunlight.

Note that as we only use natural dyes to add colour to our lampshades, it is possible that your Looma lamp will fade slightly over time. This subtle colour evolution is normal, and in our view enhances the beauty of each lamp. 

If you have any questions about how to care for your Looma lamp, please do not hesitate to drop us an email: