About Us

Looma was founded by Sol and Amori, two wool-loving creatives who are both passionate about Portugal - its history, culture, colours and nature.

Sol is an artist who specialises in abstract landscapes, and Amori comes from a Fine Art background.

All our bespoke lamps are hand-crafted in Silves using frames made in Lisbon - we use Portuguese wool which we dye ourselves using natural dyes.

We have a deep affinity with nature, and we wish to minimize our impact on the environment. Our aim is to create a different, more mindful business that elaborates beautiful, hand-crafted items in a responsible way. 

Many of the dyes we use can be found growing in the land around us: carob beans, chamomile, onion skins, mint, basil and bay leaves - this creates a wonderful dynamic and helps us to feel a deep connection with the beautiful landscapes around us. We also use indigo, madder root and turmeric. 

The natural colours are incredibly vibrant, and when the lamps are illuminated, the effect is magical.