A Portuguese Lighting Concept… Bespoke Handmade Lamps

We take enormous pride in every piece we make, and we are incredibly proud of our latest collection: Azulejo Collection.

Each unique Looma lamp is an exquisite work of art, hand-crafted to be a stunning statement piece in your home.

Looma lamps have a deep connection with Portugal. Every element within the lamp is Portuguese: the frames are made for us by a small company in Lisbon, the vibrant colours are developed by us from plants growing in and around the Silves countryside, right outside the Looma workshop.

And the centrepiece of each lamp… the wool! Each one of our lamps honours the centuries-old tradition of sheep-rearing and wool-production in Portugal. We absolutely love wool at Looma - it is the most beautiful material to work with, and it glows when it is illuminated. It is also naturally flame-retardant and ideal for the natural dye process. Incredibly, the cellular structures within the wool work to repel dust and static… which is of course ideal for lamp-making.

Day & Night – Two very different looks
Looma lamps by day – Bright, playful, unique, lamps that pop out and make a statement.
Looma lamps by night – Glowing and beautifully atmospheric,  reminiscent of stained glass.

Passionate about lamps - the Azulejo Collection by Looma