Why are Beautiful Kitchen Lights so Difficult to Find?

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. It is where we cook together, share meals, have coffee and a chat, cry, laugh, moan, let off steam. They are so incredibly important - and for many of us the way we design and decorate them is an extension of our personality.

Yet stunning kitchen island pendant lights are so incredibly difficult to find, especially if you are looking for something a bit different. Why is that?

I remember a few years ago my family and I renovated a very old townhouse in the beautiful 'pueblo blanco' of Vejer de la Frontera, in Andalucia. It was an old rickety house built on top of the medieval city walls, and we took enormous pride in respecting original features, and used the traditional materials that had always been used. The old ceiling beams were riddled with woodworm, so the artisan builders lay new beams and floors, and we used traditional terracotta tiles on the floors, as had been used for generations. When we installed the kitchen we used IKEA drawers and cupboards, but sourced our own door fronts - they were made from reclaimed wood by a local Argentinian craftsman. When it came to the pendant lights, we were stumped. I trawled the internet and was dismayed at the lack of interesting solutions. I spent hours looking for something a bit different - everything I found was plastic, uninspiring, or totally lacking in aesthetic value. 

As soon as the Looma project came into being I knew that we would include kitchen breakfast bar pendant lights in our range!

We have created the most stunning set of kitchen pendant lights that float like jewels and create a magical atmosphere. They are pendant lights with a split personality: bright and zingy by day, magical glow by night.

See our latest set of 3 here.